Bandeau Style Birdcage Veils

Bandeau style birdcage veil is designed to be worn over the face and attaches to your hair on the sides. The ends of the bandeau style birdcage veil are attached to metal combs. The size of bandeau style birdcage veil is 9" from top to bottom. This is a great option for brides with short hair, or hair that's worn down. Birdcage veils are available in white, ivory and champagne or in any colour of your choice. Bandeau style birdcage veils and headpieces can be created as two separate pieces so the veil may be removed after the ceremony and wear only the headpiece at the reception.

You can choose one of our bandeau style birdcage veils with handmade designs on metal combs or the bandeau style birdcage veil would be absolutely gorgeous with one of our bridal headpieces, checkout our Bridal Headpieces for a large selection. For new collection, visit our New Bridal Hair Accessories. For more details about bandeau style birdcage veil, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Price: $70* (Bandeau style birdcage veil attaches to two metal hair combs without handmade embellishment or headpiece)
*You will get $15 discount when you buy bandeau style birdcage veil with any bridal headpiece.
*To add Swarovski crystals or Pearls on one edge is extra $20.
*To add Swarovski crystals or Pearls scattered on bandeau style birdcage veil is extra $30.